A starters guide to Harbour



Welcome to Harbour


Clipper is a trademark of Computer Associates and will often be referred to as CA-Cl*pper within Harbour documents. Regardless of this variant, Clipper is recognized as Computer Associates' trademark.


Harbour is a free software compiler for the xBase superset language often referred to as Clipper (the language that is implemented by the compiler Clipper). The goal of the Harbour project is to produce a cross platform CA-Cl*pper compatible compiler.


The Harbour web site is at http://harbour-project.org. If you have any problems with this copy of Harbour please visit our web site and ensure that you are using the latest release.


If you have any questions about Harbour please be sure to read the FAQ <URL:http://harbour-project.org/faq/>. Also, please be sure to read the documentation that comes with Harbour, you should find it in the same directory in which you found this file.


If you are reading this file as part of a source distribution of harbour you probably want to start by reading dirstruc.txt because this is your map to the harbour source directories.


Harbour is a superset of Clipper and is backwards compatible with nearly 100% of all Clipper 5.2x or 5.3 code. Most Clipper S'87 code will also compile and run fine, but may require some modifications to run well.



This is available on all platforms


HBClass() is used in the creation of all classes